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Les Snead, staff ace

Ever get the feeling that Les Snead is one of those people naturally predisposed to success?

Les Snead has a knack for horse trading. He has a Midas touch for identifying football players. He's got the hair most 40-somethings can only dream about. On Saturday night, we found out that he can pitch too.

Yes, pitch, like baseball.

Snead was on the mound at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, tossing out the first pitch, one of the first pitches anyway, on Saturday night, and he managed to put it right down the middle with a little heat on it too.

Is there anything Les Snead can't do? Probably, but I'm not sure we want to know what it is.

(We tried to get video, but it looks like the broadcast cut away during Snead's pitch. Man, the Rams can't get any respect. Anyway, if you have it, let us know.)