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Deacon Jones Honored with Annual "Sack" Award

David Maxwell

Rodger Goodell has his detractors, but he got this one RIGHT! The former Rams' master of the quarterback sack passed away recently, but his legacy will live on in an award - to be presented annually - prior to the Super Bowl starting this season. Are you hearing this Chris Long? The league leader in QB sacks each year will win the newest NFL honor. announced the new award carrying Deacon Jones name earlier today. As a long time fan - and one who saw Jones play in person so very long ago - I'm excited the greatest defensive end in Rams' NFL history is getting his due.

I'm now wondering what the "Deacon Jones Trophy" will look like? Maybe it will be an action-posed statue of Jones chasing a quarterback with a baseball bat? Let's hear your thoughts on what the statue could look like if the NFL had a sense of humor.