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Random Ramsdom: St. Louis Rams News, Power Rankings, & Funky Middle Names

Contrary to popular belief, there’s plenty of good offseason NFL news to be had. I knew you were sleeping last night, so I rounded it all up and dropped it off right here.



The NFL’s All Middle Name Team: SB Nation NFL

There are plenty of excellent first and last names in the NFL. Whether funny, or just difficult to pronounce, they’re interesting…at least if you’re relevant. But somewhere in between those first and last names are some real gems. There’s a Rams’ player in there. Have a look!

Rams’ Safety Competition Is just Getting Started: St. Louis Rams’ Official Site

With the acquisition of FA Safety Matt Giordano, Darian Stewart is no longer the old man in the secondary. Stewart has been dinged up this offseason, which has opened up a window of opportunity for Rodney McLeod. You ever wonder what Matt Daniels is up to? Nick Wagoner will fill you in…

Most Over/Underrated Rams Heading into 2013: Ramblin Fan

A few weeks ago I wrote this recap on CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco’s most under/overrated Rams. On Tuesday, Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller did one of his own. Nathan Kearns over at Ramblin’ Fan gives his $0.02 on the matter. Did he just say "one trick pony"?

Who’s Got The NFL’s Best Defense:

As expected, the Seattle Seahawks get a lot of love for their defense in this one. Rightfully so. They’re an extremely talented team, and should therefore get their fair share of praise. There is, however, one fine gentleman who recognizes what the Rams are putting together.

The NFL’s Best Rivalry? : CBS Sports

The Rams played 10 exhilarating quarters of football against the 49ers in 2012. Both games went into overtime, and both ended with the Rams NOT losing. Every second mattered. The Rams also beat the another formidable NFC West foe - the Seattle Seahawks - at home, before losing [in what’s now become a bit of tradition] by a touchdown in Seattle in the season finale. I’ve mentioned three teams, and two of them have the best rivalry in football. Guess which team is left out.

The Rams Are On The Move [Again]: CBS Sports

Not only are the Jaguars not moving, but they’re going to be making ‘a splash’ with their rennovations. That’s right, they’re going to have swimming pools. You know what that means! The Rams are now moving to London…err…LA. Does it really matter? The Rams are now the team that could be moving in 2015.

The NFC West’s Future Power Rankings [2016]: ESPN NFC West

I think many level-headed Rams fans expect 2013 to be another year of growing, while 2014 is a year in which they could do some serious damage. At least that’s what I’ve surmised from what seems like endless hours of Rams discussion. Opinions vary, but many think the Rams are a year or two away from being real contenders. Mike Sando’s got the NFL’s power rankings for 2016. Rams - 8th

The Rookies Are Getting Advice From a Model Citizen: Pro Football Talk

As you may have already heard, the Rams were holding out on giving their 2013 draft class their pay checks too early. It seems wise, as young players have been known to take the money and do some pretty irresponsible things with it….like party, drink and drive, indulge in illegal activity, or make it rain. Luckily, the NFL has lined up a model citizen to talk to the rookies about how to conduct themselves as a representative of the league.

Vernon Davis - The Wide Receiver: Press Democrat

Uh oh! The 49ers have a secret weapon at wide receiver. Maybe it’s as a result of losing their best wideout - Michael Crabtree - for the majority of the 2013 season, or….well, let’s face it, that guy wasn’t going to be blocking anyways.