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The worst of the St. Louis Rams: Mt. Flushmore

Some strong takes from the man known only as PFT Commenter. Who are the most infamous names in franchise history?

Kissing Suzy Kolber

When you think of the St. Louis Rams what comes to mind? Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Greatest Show on Turf ... yep, all that stuff is there. But for folks on the outside, or long-time fans, there's plenty of not-so-fond memories as well. Tony Banks, Lawrence Phillips, one- and two-win seasons ... over at Kissing Suzy Kolber, PFT Commenter commemorated those things with the team's Mt. Flushmore.

Let me stop you right there. PFT Commenter is parody, and a damn good one at that. So before you get too up in arms, please remember that.

Anywho ... the four names on the Rams' list are pretty amusing, all part of the strong takes we've come to expect from the voice of Pro Football Talk's comment section. But there's one name that will really make your day.

Tony Softli- Tony was the Rams VP of player personell for the Rams for 4 years+ I swear to God this is his own bio, these words are him bragging by listing the best players he stockpiled from 2006-2010: "Adam Carriker, Chris Long, Cliff Ryan, Donnie Avery, Keenan Burton, Chris Chamberlain and David Vobora." Hey PFTCommenter? Yes. How many of those gems are on the Rams now? I dont know because I dont waste my time learning facts about Tony Softli. Oh well I know the answer. Well how many is it? The answer= 1. Whats amazing is that Softli Cerrato and Millen were all personell execs at the same time and you know Tampa hotels were a mess during winter meetings with these three stooges staying on the same floor using there own undershirts to wipe there butts and stuff.

One complaint, he forgot to add Tye Hill and Brian Leonard to the list of personnel, er, "personell" from that era.

Jeff Fisher, Tavon Austin and Phillips (of course) also make the list. Like I said, it's parody, so go and enjoy a few belly laughs.

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