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Random Ramsdom

This is what they call the slow period of the year in the NFL. Players are resting for OTA's and prepping for the start of summer practice, and fans are anxiously waiting for any real news to pop up.

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The Rams have seemingly built a much better team over the last year. Most of the credit can go to Jeff Fisher and Les Snead. The Fisher/Snead duo has drafted well so far, and continues to be aggressive in acquiring difference-makers for the Rams team. However, there is a lot to consider when breaking down this Rams team. For instance, the offensive line is much better on paper this year, but is more volatile in reality than many might think. The four confirmed starters all have injury history that has effected their play. The fifth starting spot is up for grabs, and the depth behind these players is unproven. Just like every year, teams work hard to get better, but everyone needs a little luck to have a great season. Here's hoping this Rams team is one of the luckiest ever.

On to the news....

Rams OTA's "winners and losers":

I don't buy a lot of stock in OTA's. If I did, I would probably be the proud owner of Brandon Gibson, Greg Salas, and Donnie Avery. With that in mind it's always important to look at who may be poised to improve significantly. A lot times with a young team players can make large leaps from year t year. Let's hope Brian Quick can be one of those players.

Courtroom Football: CVC pays $2 million in legal fee's to Rams:

I'm sure the CVC hated cutting that check - almost as much as they hated the verdict earlier this year. Either way, this issue still isn't behind us, and will be in the back of many Rams fans minds until it is resolved. Big business always takes time, but the city of St. Louis and the Rams owe it to the fans to operate in good faith, and operate with as much urgency as possible.

Seahawks and 49ers can't keep their mouths shut:

Both teams seems to have developed the idea that the division championship is somewhere on the west coast. The St. Louis Rams may have something to say about that, but until then both teams will continue to say much more than they probably should. In recent response to Jim Harbough's comments about the Seahwaks PED use, Brandon Browner went ahead and added his two cents in about doing whatever it takes to win. I'm sure the NFL loved both comments.

Ruh Roh! Aaron Hernandez could be in big trouble:

"Not cooperating", "homicide", and "possible suspect" are not things you want to hear about Aaron Hernandez if you're a Patriot fan (which hopefully none of those reading this are). Either way, this is serious business.

Sexual Orientation at NFL Rookies Symposium

The NFL is always trying to be on the cutting edge of social issues to keep their players out of trouble. This year a segment of the symposium will be dedicated to sexual orientation.

Stay classy Rams fans.