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St. Louis Rams 2013 depth chart: Brian Quick is fourth and it doesn't matter

The depth chart you see now is going to look a lot different in September.


Brian Quick is fourth on the St. Louis Rams depth chart at wide receiver.

It doesn't matter.

Why? Mostly because it's June. The Rams are more than six weeks away from putting on pads for the first time this year. When contact starts happening, that's when you can start making accurate assessments about the team's depth chart.

Quick's struggles last season, following a very loud hype tour from the leadership, surprised everyone. He struggled to pick up the playbook and learn the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between playing college football at Appalachian State and the NFL. Bigger, faster, stronger, more complex and all that.

I don't think he ever made it to fourth on the depth chart in 2012. Maybe that week when Chris Givens got benched.

Right now, Tavon Austin, Chris Givens and Austin Pettis are ahead of Quick on the depth chart. Austin was the eighth pick in the draft that the Rams traded up to get; no surprise that he's up there already. And rookies rarely make an appearance in the starting lineup in OTAs. Givens was the team's top receiver last year. Again, no surprise. Pettis is entering his third season with the Rams, a time when many believe that receivers finally figure it out. A little bit of a surprise that he's in the top three, but not entirely shocking.

Of the four receivers, only Austin possesses more overall natural talent than Quick. And that's not meant to take anything away from the other two. Quick is big, athletic and has the kind of skill set that can make him a threat all over the field.

All Quick has to do is prove himself. A month of OTAs isn't enough to erase a season worth of rookie struggles.

The final depth chart might not matter all that much at receiver anyway, not with Brian Schottenheimer's promise to use a more wide open, spread-like offense. Regardless, the battle in training camp to sort out the receiving corps ought to be one of the more exciting plots to follow.

When was the last time the Rams had this many talented receivers competing for playing time?