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Hey St. Louis Rams’ fans! Let’s play take one, break one, & forsake one

Let’s face it… you’re at work and you’d rather not be. I can call your boss and tell him it’s your mom, and that you’re sick, OR you can sit in your cubicle and play this little game I’ve created.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone loves a fun NFL offseason noggin-scratching game, right? I didn’t think so. Well, if you choose to play, here are the rules: There are three teams in the NFC West [outside of your favorite team from St. Louis]; you will pick one player from each team for the categories below. Once you’ve selected a player from a team, that team is then eliminated from use on the next.

Not satisfied with Sam Bradford as the Rams’ QB? Start a Tuesday morning blog battle by making the tiny-bicep-kissing 49ers' QB your own. Tired of seeing Patrick Peterson selfishly catch balls not intended for him? Have him ride pine for two very specific games this year. Lastly, have you had enough of Richard Sherman’s oft-agape mouth? Make him a Cleveland Brown…desert him in Ohio forever.

Ex; Take One: Larry Fitzgerald (AZ), Break One: Marshawn Lynch (SEA), Forsake One: Colin Kaepernick (SF)

Take One:

Think of that one player in the NFC West that you wish were on the Rams. The Rams are a promising young team that’s headed in the right direction, but surely they could use one of the 16 NFC West players that went to Hawaii last January, right?

Here’s your chance. Pick one player from the 49ers, Seahawks, or Cardinals and make him a St. Louis Ram.

Break One:

No one roots for a player to be injured… but in this post we do. Think of the one NFC West player that you’d have sidelined for both of the Rams' inter-divisional matchups in 2013. It could be a stubbed toe, that itis!, or a Namath-like leg injury… just know that they’ll be healthy for the other 14 games, will be back next week, and probably making the kind of impact you avoided in their matchup with the Rams. You don’t care…his absence makes a world of difference in the Rams’ chances of winning those two very important games.

Forsake One:

Pack your bags, buddy! Pick a player; any player. You’re putting him on a bus. Next stop: any division outside of the NFC West. This player will be shipped out prior to the regular season, drastically [if you pick the right player] changing the complexion of the team’s outlook for the upcoming season. Not only will the Rams not have to worry about seeing this player twice a year, but neither will any of their NFC West neighbors. Fortunately, they’ll be traded to a team who do not play the Rams in 2013.