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Random Ramsdom, 6/18: Good job, good effort

Let's give ourselves an "A" for effort.


Editing. It's important. Especially if you're going to print things, be it in the newspaper or on the internet. You should strive to speak clearly, eloquently and presentably. I had one get through the crack (pun sort of intended) on Monday in this piece about the St. Louis Rams Training Academy. It read:

Decked out with state of the art training equipment, video capability, weights and, of course, a turd field.

Obviously, it should have read "turf." Someone knew hilarity would ensue when they put the 'd' and the 'f' keys right next to each other. It's not just Apple iOS devices that discriminate against stubby fingers. I should have caught that. Fortunately, someone did rather quickly and sent me a note. I appreciate that. Again, my apologies. We'll try not to get too BUMMED about SHITTY editing for now.

Don't laugh. There really is a turd field. In Oakland.

Turnover is kind of like a turd field, in that it at least takes some of the turds off the field. But who am I kidding, ever iteration of the Rams roster is perfect, right? Mike Sando has a look at where the Rams have new faces in a new places ... and it's the right places.

St. Louis is blessed with some fine 1980s-style sports columnists. And nobody knows hot sports takes like Joe Strauss. He totally pulled one over on unsuspecting Nationals fans last night. (I bet there's a social media "expert" in the newsroom at the PD now, telling its staff about the importance of Klout Scores ... because Lee Enterprises wants those perks, baby!) Anyway, first-class trolling by Strauss here. Maybe this dinosaur does know something about the internets after all.

The official Rams site caught up with former Ram Ray Agnew, part of the 1999 Super Bowl championship team.