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Happy Father's Day

League sources tell us that you need to give the old man a pat on the back today.

Jason Miller

Good morning Rams fans. It's Father's Day. You know that. So, take a moment to give the old man some thanks for putting up with you for all those years. Even if he's not a Rams fan, you can overlook that fact ... for one day at least.

Got good football-related story to share?

My old man wasn't really much of a football fan. But he indulged my interest in the game. A lot of that interest came via Jim Brown movies on Saturday and those old Crunch Course tapes featuring the Fearsome Foursome. It's not a complaint. The old man was a good dude all around; he just didn't like watching football games.

Then again, maybe letting me sit around all day Sunday in front of the television was just a ploy to get the yard mowed. Wait a minute ...

What are your favorite football memories with the old man? How about as a father, how do you share your love for the game with the shorties?