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Tony Softli tweet of the day: Third person

Tony Softli has something to say about Tony Softli.

The last week of OTAs at Rams Park meant it was times to shine for St. Louis' premiere NFL insider. He took to Twitter, and did not disappoint. And this time, Tony Softli wanted to talk about Tony Softli.

In a perfect world, Tony Softli would refer to himself in the third person all the time. Always.

Because it's Father's Day, you get a bonus Softli tweet, a classic trope from the "insider" playbook.

True to form, this one came hours after it was revealed that the Rams had brought in a slew of veteran linebackers and safeties. It's pretty much standard operating procedure for teams, and citing common knowledge as "league sources" is standard operating procedure for Softli.

League sources are telling you to have a great Father's Day.