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The Rams 2013 Draft Class Is Signed

The deals have been signed and now it's time to get to work.

Running to the money
Running to the money

After weeks of wondering when the St. Louis Rams would get around to signing their draft picks, the team announced, via Twitter that all seven members of the 2013 draft class was signed on Thursday.

Here's more information on the contracts from Jim Thomas.

There wasn't a rush for the Rams to sign their rookies, due to the fact that all of the rookie contracts are basically slotted, to prevent the blockbuster rookie contracts, like the one that current Quarterback Sam Bradford has.

The Rams realize that the NFL is a business and they want to help the rookies, so more than likely the Rams held meetings with the rookies and taught them about the business side of things, and there's no better example of this than with 1st round draft pick Tavon Austin.

If Brandt is right, that means that Austin received just a $7.65 signing bonus, currently it's not known if the Rams gave Austin a check or if Head Coach Jeff Fisher just gave him the money in cash. Either way his cousins, and the whole city of Baltimore can't be happy with that signing bonus.

The Rams uploaded pictures of the players signing their deals.