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Let's put our stamp on the Rams 'Mt. Rushmore'

Rams fans, the internet needs you!

Michael Kovac

Listen, we've all gotta eat, so the expression goes. For those of us in the NFL blogging business, we do what we can to fill space in June. Pro Football Talk is filling space with a team-by-team "Mt. Rushmore" series, and the Rams are up now.

We need to make our voices heard. Are you up to the challenge?

PFT's got a pretty good list of finalists, covering the franchise legends you would expect. But let's get another name on there, just to add a little absurdity to the offseason exercise in space filling.

We want Trent Green on that list. Why? Dude, without Trent Green there would have been no Kurt Warner. No Kurt Warner, no Super Bowl.

Such are the machinations of history and the fickle finger of fate.

No disrespect to the other names on the list; they already get plenty of credit for their work ... well, except for the old LA Rams players which don't get much attention from the St. Louis media ... as summed up by Jim Thomas last week:

Deacon was arguably the best pass rusher in the history of the NFL. But he didn't play in St. Louis _ he was strictly an LA Ram _ and that's a difference.

So why do this? WHY NOT? It's June. Let's have a laugh.

Here's what I need you to do. A couple of options for you (why not do both?):

1. Take to Twitter!

Let's flood PFT's timeline. You can just RT this one, or craft your own tweet for @ProFootballTalk, demanding the inclusion of Trent Green.

2. Write-in candidate

Cruise over to the comments at PFT, and write-in Green's name.