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Craig Dahl Made Me Feel Better About This Team

News broke yesterday, thanks to ex-Ram S Craig Dahl, that the 49ers were tipping their plays last year and the Rams figured out the tells. I suddenly feel better about this team.

Thearon W. Henderson

Ah, the sweet aroma of mid-June Rams-49ers rivalry sparks. Or is that pork? Either way, it smells good.

Yesterday, ex-Ram safety Craig Dahl tried to answer a question on why the Rams competed with the 49ers so well last season, but took a bad angle and allowed his answer to scamper three layers deep into the machinations of the Rams' coaching staff, revealing the Rams were on to the 49ers tipping their hand on certain plays. In another testament to the awesomeness of SB Nation (and Niners Nation, the SBN 49ers community), NN saw the Rams had some of the Niners' offense figured out in December (remember, kids -- don't trust those bloggers in their basements...).

So the Rams' coaches figured out some "tells" from the Niners. In other words, the Rams coaches were doing a great job in film study.

Personally, I think the end of the Pro Football Talk write-up on this is a bit of an overreaction.

Still, it’s a disclosure that has to be embarrassing for coach Jim Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Greg Roman. And it has to be vexing for Rams coach Jeff Fisher, who now has to find a different way to slow down the 49ers offense.

Embarassing? Not sure why. The Rams' coaching staff did a great job figuring out what the Niners were doing to show their hand early; that's more a credit to the Rams than a discredit to Harbaugh & Co. In the 14 games the Niners played against other teams, they went 11-3. They went to the Super Bowl.

How embarassing...