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Cortland Finnegan Isn't Happy With Craig Dahl

The Rams current defensive back Cortland Finnegan isn't happy with former safety Craig Dahl helping the 49ers.


Today it was revealed by Craig Dahl that St. Louis Rams knew what the San Francisco 49ers were doing pre-play, because the 49ers had a "tell". Which isn't a big problem, because the 49ers already knew they had a "tell".

How did the Rams know what the 49ers were doing? Here's what Dahl had to say, "Different personnel and different alignment stuff really were the big keys as far as giveaways," Dahl said. "It's been addressed and corrected. They knew most of it before I even got here. We just reconfirmed it. It's ongoing self-study and self-scouting that got it cleared up, too.

Here's more information on how the tipped plays impacted the game when these two teams played.

This means that the Rams will need to find another way to figure out what the Niners will do, (they will have until week 4 their first game against each other this season). But there was one Ram who played in the secondary that wasn't too happy with Dahl spilling the beans and helping the 49ers, even going as far as revealing how the Rams will attack the 49ers offense.

The first tweet is now deleted I believe.

Ouch, that was a big shot at Dahl, who will most likely end up being the 3rd safety on the 49ers, but if he's in the game we know who the Rams will target. We also know that Finnegan won't be calling up Dahl for a BBQ, or that if the Rams throw it deep to Dahl and it's a touchdown or a big gain, Finnegan will celebrate and maybe cheer louder than anyone else.

All I know is, this was the type of interaction that makes a boring no-news day enjoyable.

For your entertainment here's some of Craig Dahl's tipped plays