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Random ramsdom, 6/12: OTA's in full effect

June and July serve as a time where hopes are high. Players and fans alike see themselves following the team through fall and winter victory. Unfortunately, as Rams fans have had to learn before, some teams are doomed from the start.


The Rams are deeply entrenched with their off-season program - which is slightly more player-friendly than most. Jeff Fisher prefers to treat his players like adults, and does not "max-out" their potential workload. This means that of the possible number of practices and activities Rams players could be subjected to, Jeff Fisher chooses to scale it back and adhere to a schedule that he fills is more fitting for his team. Seems like a good way to get a lot of young feisty players on your side from the start.

On to the news...

Could Takeo Spikes be a Rams linebacker?

The ship sailed on the Daryl Smith boat last week - who I believe the Rams were hoping to pick up for a song later in the off-season. So is Takeo Spikes the next veteran linebacker on the list? Spikes has been a great linebacker at points in his career - which is very long. He would immediately be the oldest player on the team, and would provide some veteran leadership. As a fan of Spike's career it almost pains me to say this, but he has never ever played for a team that has made the playoffs, and is definitely trending down in terms of ability. With a career that has lasted well over 10 years in this league, that seems a little concerning to me. All in all, he could be the "Mario Hagan" on this years team, and likely serve a positive role for the Rams. But beware Spagnuolo/Devaney syndrome, you probably want to severely limit the number of these types of players on your team.

Tavon Austin a star even in the off-season

Rams fans will dearly hope that this is a sign of things to come. But don't fire up the bus to Canton yet, Austin Pettis also looks impressive this off-season so let's not get too excited yet. However, the Rams may have pulled all the right levers this year and gotten the most prolific playmaker in the draft.

Predicting the Rams final roster

A lot of interesting thoughts in this article. It is so difficult to make these predictions at this point due to player injuries, contracts, and more. Furthermore, it's likely there are players who will make this team that aren't even on the roaster yet. Who do you think is a wild card to make the team?

Hear the latest on what Mike Sando, NFC West blogger for ESPN, has to say after spending a few days at Rams camp

Everybody seems to be praising Austin Pettis. Perhaps he found away to increase his speed, acceleration, and overall athletic ability by ten-fold in the off-season. Crazier things have happened.

Good news, the Seahawks looked poised to bring back Tavaris Jackson!

Could the Seahawks only be a "Russell Wilson turf plant" away from letting Jackson return to the field? Rams fans will hope so. Having someone like Jackson take the reigns from Wilson would certainly spell trouble for the Seahawks lofty expectations in 2013-2014.

Stay classy Rams fans