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St. Louis Rams OTAs 2013: Tavon Austin, Austin Pettis steal the show Tuesday

It's always about receivers for the Rams these days, and a pair of them were in the spotlight on Tuesday.


Tavon Austin is apparently having a pretty good day at OTAs on Tuesday. This is not new. The St. Louis Rams' first-round pick has been having good days for most of the spring workouts so far. As he should. He's a very good football player, and the Rams didn't draft him to be a slot receiver. On Tuesday, Austin got the chance to show off his skills as a punt returner.

It was an experience Johnny Hekker won't soon forget.

Mike Sando of ESPN - in town to cover OTAs this week - described the scene in an afternoon blog post. Austin cleared the first wave of gunners. Shooting down the sidelines, he soon passed everyone, except for the last line of defense: Hekker himself.

Sando has a few other notes from practice that you should definitely check out. There's one in particular that stands out to me: Austin Pettis.

By all accounts Pettis has been on fire in spring workouts. Yes, I'll be first to throw out the usual caveat about reading too much into non-contact practices, but there's enough noise around Pettis' work to take note. Sando's not one prone to hyperbole over stuff like this either.

Pettis could actually take over Danny Amendola's former role in the slot with a little work on the outside too.

Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer had this to say about his after Tuesday's practice, from the transcript:

"I think if you guys watch him, he does a great job of coaching these young guys. He's a professional. Quite honestly, he's probably having the best camp of all the skill players. He's just a tireless worker. Very competitive. He can play all the spots, which helps. He's having a tremendous spring."