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St. Louis Rams’ Chris Long: Showing off multiple tricks in the offseason

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St. Louis Rams’ DE Chris Long has been working extremely hard in preparation for the 2013 NFL season. His work ethic cannot be questioned…nor can his technique. Look at all these tricks!


Every so often, one needs to flex their non-existent photo-shopping skills. As part of my offseason workout program, that time is now. Chris Long - on the other hand - has been working diligently on improving on an impressive 2012 campaign. He’s doing things a little bit differently, though…

Strength Training: There’s no better way to gain raw, explosive power than by flipping Yokahama’s in an arid desert. This particular tire - though low profile - weighs about 400 lbs. He’d been flipping it for about 30 miles when I stumbled upon him.


Mountain Climbing: The Denver Broncos are always given extra credit points for being able to withstand reduced oxygen levels at the highest of elevations. Chris climbed to the top of this mountain, and then looked down while averting his eyes from the glare reflecting off Peyton Manning’s forehead.


Para-sailing: I’ll take the blame for what looks to be a mere day of recreation on the water. I was unable to capture a timely photo of Chris, but did see him snag several Seahawks out of the air...with one hand.


Balance: This is sheer one-trick-pony on regular pony action. Chris - and his equine pal, Pony Siragusa - show off their skills at a local county fair. Notice how he’s side saddled...with no saddle. You just can’t shake Chris Long.

Chris won a ribbon. Pony Siragusa was awarded a year’s supply of Cambodian udder milk.


Flexibility: Witness indeed! Even when Chris is not out on the field, he’s looking to improve his game. After hopping off the Nintendo Power Pad, he often tests his footwork - and flexibility - with a game of Twister. He claims to have have covered all four corners at one time, though I cannot confirm or deny. I wouldn’t bet against him...


Footwork: This is actually just Chris doing the Dougie with some other Dougie-ers. As you can see, they’re impressed.

If nothing else, it earns him some street cred.


Versatility: One trick? How about kicking a soccer ball so hard it catches flame? When you’re this good at Defensive End, you might as well help out in other areas. Watch your back, Greg Zuerlein!


Zero Gravity Training: Talk about taking your game to another level. Chris takes his to the moon!

Here you can see Chris racing an astronaut to the Rover for a sip of Tang. As you can see, the wind [yea, the moon wind] is not in his favor. Nor is his lack of an adequate space suit.

He ended up winning, though, and drank his Tang while floating about three feet off the ground.