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Around the NFL: June 1

"I didn't know... No, REALLY! I don't even know where I am? Is Ecuador an extradition country? I'm asking because I don't know... SEE! "
"I didn't know... No, REALLY! I don't even know where I am? Is Ecuador an extradition country? I'm asking because I don't know... SEE! "

JaMarcus Russell is 50 pounds lighter, but his head still needs work... Believe it or not, the mega-bust quarterback - who hasn't played since 2009 - is getting some interest from a few NFL teams... When does Lawrence Phillips get out of jail?

The evolution of safety concerns and fixes in the NFL. This is an interesting look - all the way back to the 1920s - at the evolution of the game. It's a worth while read, so take your time. Some great old pictures of by-gone eras too.

Trends for NFL Players: Want to know what social media venue is hot with NFL players? How about medical tricks to recover from injuries? You can't just drop by the local Walgreen's for a Regenokine treatment, but maybe one day...

Listening in on two NFL GMs lands two twenty year old men in Federal trouble. The Wire went nuts when the phone call between the Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Bucs GMs. I have little doubt the public release of the call had something to do with Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick being shown the door.

This is the call, with audio only.

Oh, Cleveland... I think this is going to get messier... "I didn't know..." works for politicians, but rarely for corporate CEOs. Jimmy Haslam has some hot days ahead of him, with some former employees saying he had knowledge of the little finance miscue the FBI is investigating. This needs to go away sooner, rather than latter for the rookie team owner.

As much as I respect Greg Schiano's work ethic, it won't be long before he steps over the line. Tampa Bay has made great strides this off season. Their once woeful defensive secondary is now looking top tier. So what does Schiano do? He plays fast and loose with the CBA guidelines for contact in the off season. But it's just some 6'6", 320 lbs guys having a little fun, right?

June 2nd cap relief for ten teams. Need a bit of Salary cap financial help for your cash strapped NFL Franchise? Well, in a miracle of monetary juggling, teams can spread salary and bonus hits out over a couple years if they release a player by June 1... Give this link a read and tell me if you understand what it all means?

Alfred Morris demands respect... After a single season? His 1,613 rushing yards in 2012 makes the former 6th round draft pick look like steal. But will he be the same this season if RGIII has to cut his game back just a tad? Morris was my pick for the Offensive Rookie of the Year last season, but the respect he so longs for won't come until he puts another year like his last one in the bank.

Are you keeping an eye on's Top 100 players? You get 10 new players every Thursday... The maddeningly slow pace they publish the this list every year has me losing interest by the time they get to the Top 10. If you're counting, there still aren't any St. Louis Rams players on the list...

Speaking of lists... Brandon Gibson's one handed catch against Miami last season made the list of great plays in 2012. The most interesting part of the short interview with Gibson, was his saying he'd be working out of the slot for the Phins... I'm not sure he has what it take to make a living in the land of linebackers and head-hunting safeties...

Finally, I dare you not to laugh at this completely bigoted idiot...