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Pre-Mini Camp Projected Depth Chart

A much too early look at the possible team that will take the field week one.


The Rams are moving on from the draft. Minicamp is around the corner along with OTAs, which for some reason are called "optional" training activities, even though they really aren't optional.

I've recently compiled a depth chart of the final 53 men I believe the Rams would have on the roster if the season started today. It's obviously too early to predict these things, but it gives us a nice starting point going into offseason activities and then training camp.

I have color coded the list.

GREEN- These are players who are almost certain to make the team, as long as they do not get injured.

YELLOW- These are players whose spot on the team isn't secure, but with a good camp, they have a very good shot of making the team.

RED- These are fringe players who are going to have to play their way into the team.

Here's the depth chart.

Things of note:

  • I only have 4 safeties on the roster right now. Part of this is because I also have Ray Ray Armstrong on the team, but as a LB. He could fill in at safety in an emergency.
  • I do not have a full back on the team. The Rams cut Brit Miller last season and played a few games without a FB. They did not bring in anyone else to replace him. They seem to be comfortable with Lance Kendricks playing in an H-Back role to make up for not having a FB.
  • Not having a FB leaves a roster spot open, so I have 4 running backs making the team.
  • There are 30 players who are "green". This leaves only 23 spots that 60 players will be competing for. This is par for the course in the NFL.

The Rams OTAs and training camp will provide much more clarity on who will make the final roster to face the Arizona Cardinals in the Edward Jones Dome. For now, these are my current favorites to make the team. I will be updating this list as the off season moves forward.

Agree? Disagree? Have it out in the comments folks.