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Rams DE Chris Long does not like the 18-game season idea

The Rams defensive cornerstone is not a fan of a longer season. And his tweets about it are pretty hilarious.

The only thing more offensive than charging fans full price for preseason football is the notion of extending the regular season to 18 games. Why extend the season: Greed. But it's an idea that's just not going away, even if it's tabled for now.

Commissioner Roger Goodell brings it up again and again. The latest talk is nixing a pair of unpopular preseason games. Fans don't watch them. Players don't like them. But the NFL and its owners aren't just going to sacrifice revenue for the sake of good will. Remember, even the worst preseason game still get better ratings than any regular season baseball game ... or most other sports for that matter.

An extended season means more injuries. For fans, it means watching more backups play in games that count. For players, it's more exposure to the kind of injuries that take years off their lives, while the league continues to deny the long-term neurological health risks of the sport ... and denying sufficient long-term health care to its former players. (Remember, players do earn a nice pay check for their work, but owners earn even more).

Rams defensive end Chris Long perfectly summed up the feelings most people have about the 18-game season on Twitter earlier this week:

And because the internets is crawling with trolls, someone responded ...

How about Long's response? THAT, ladies and gents, is why Long wins at Twitter.