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Zac Stacy missed rookie mini camp on Friday for a good reason

When you hear a player missed camp, it's usually for a bad reason. But sometimes, players miss camp for something good...

Joe Robbins

The St. Louis Rams started camp Friday, and will continue for the rest of the weekend. Zac Stacy won't be attending rookie mini camp, but the Rams aren't worried.

The reason Stacy isn't at camp doesn't have anything to do with an injury, but he was chasing another dream. Stacy "graduated" on Friday.

He technically graduated in 3.5 years with a degree in education, but it seems like he wanted to finish his career at Vanderbilt, before he started his NFL career. Football players get a bad reputation, but when a player walks across the graduation stage, it shouldn't just be looked over.

So, congratulations Mr. Stacy. You made your mother proud. So celebrate and have a good time, just don't forget about your new job with the Rams.