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Sam Bradford answers questions in Reddit AMA

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What does Sam Bradford have to say about Tavon Austin and the rookies? The Heisman Trophy experience? His "make or break" season?

Nissan's social media team had Sam Bradford and 11 other Heisman Trophy winners answer questions during downtime in between commercial shots. Redditors jumped at the chance to get their questions answered. Sam certainly delivered.

Will we ever see another defensive player join the Heisman fraternity?

I think so, if it is they will have to play special teams. Like Charles did. Unfortunately, you'll have to be able to score touchdowns, some way. But I'm sure it will happen.

What was your "Welcome to the NFL" moment?

It was probably my first game. I thought training camp practices were fast, then we got into the pre-season, and I thought things were then going REALLY fast. I'll definitely remember the first game.

I saw you at a Radiohead concert a couple years ago in St. Louis. What are some of your favorite bands right now?

Kings of Leon never get old for me. The Black Keys. The XX. I still love all the old Arcade Fire stuff too.

Did you have other plans for a career if football didn't work out?

If I wasn't a football player, I probably would have ended up going to Law School. It's always intrigued me. It opens your eyes to new things. If not that, something in the business world.

Sam, are you excited to have Austin and Bailey? Do you think they will make an immediate difference?BOOMER!

I'm extremely excited about getting on the field with those two guys. Excited to get back.

General question, I have read that many players give their awards to their parents or create a display for it. So, where is your trophy right now?

It's been at my parents until this year. I think my mom was tired of it being in her living room so I took it to my home office.

What are your opinions on a freshman joining your elite fraternity, and on the media circus that's followed him this offseason?

I have no problem with a freshman, I actually thinks its cool. He was the best college football player this last season, so he deserved it. I feel bad for him with the media attention he's getting. It's hard to enjoy college if everything you're doing is being filmed.

If you got to vote during the year you won the Heisman and could not vote for yourself, who do you select?

I probably would have voted for Colt.

Fellow Sooner here. What do you think the biggest transition was from the college game to the pro game? Many people like to claim that schools like OU which have aired out the offense are become more systematic and creating difficulties transitioning to the pro game. Do you think there is merit to that, or is it disparaging to certain programs? Bonus Question: Favorite spot to hang out when you go back to Norman?

The biggest transition was the speed of the game. My favorite spot in Norman is Victoria's pasta shop. Best restaurant in all of Oklahoma.

Open question: I see a comment about how winning the Heisman opened doors and opportunities for you, but did it also create any difficulties or handicaps for you? If so, what difficulties/challenges surprised you the most?

It came with certain opportunities, that's why I'm here today - for speaking requests, etc. The difficulty would go back to the attention. For a while it's hard to go anywhere without someone coming up to you. Most people are really nice about it, but it's hard being alone sometimes.

I'm a huge rams fan, and youve been my favorite nfl player since the rams drafted you! how do you think this year's team compares to the greatest show on turf days? i know they arent really comparable (yet), but i can be optimistic right?

Haha, it's hard to compare a team who hasn't Cardinals vs Rams coverage played a game to a team whose won the Super Bowl. But I'm optimistic, we've acquired a lot of great play makers, our teams defense played really well last year -- all the pieces are in play for the team to be really great this year.

I can't imagine how hard it was for you when you injured your shoulder your junior year. But what was going through your mind when you re-injured your right shoulder later that year? Did it plant any doubts about what would happen in the upcoming draft for you?

I always knew if I needed to I could come back to school the next year since I was just a junior at the time. But it was definitely frustrating, since you want to play and not be on the sidelines. But I knew that it wasn't going to affect me, and it didn't.

This questions is for Sam Bradford, do you feel like this is a "make or break" season for you with the Rams?

Not at all. I approach every season the same. Our goal is to win our division, the playoffs and eventually the Super Bowl.

If you can, typical people work 40 hour work weeks, I know this isn't the case for you. Can you provide us with a typical work week? How much time is spent on the field, how much time is spent watching films, how much time is spent working out? Thanks!

Typically, during the season, we spend (including games) 15 hours a week on the field. The meeting time is about 40-50 hours a week. It's a lot. And working out, probably 3 hours a week.

What was more thrilling, waiting to be announced the Heisman winner or getting drafted?

Winning the Heisman. I kinda knew the draft was going to happen. But I had no idea I was going to win the Heisman that night. My heart was beating through my chest, I've never felt that way before.

Will we ever have another 2-time Heisman winner?

I think so, I think eventually now that it hasn't become such an upper-classmen award. The chances of someone winning it twice are now greater than they were in the past

What kind of emotions does a team go through when someone who's been there for as long as Steven Jackson has leaves for another team?

I think it's tough at first. Anything like that, you get to know the person off the field, so it feels like you're losing a friend as well as a teammate. And when you look at it like that, you always want to support your friends and what they do. I support him and he's been a great teammate and friend of mine. I wish him nothing but the best.

So AMAs... they're fun, huh? We've had one other AMA by Johnny Hekker, but I think we need more.