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Scouting Report: Tennessee offensive guard Dallas Thomas

The St. Louis Rams need help, and the will be looking for players on the offensive line in the draft. Is Thomas worth a selection? Let's look at the scouting report.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Dallas Thomas is a player who could intrigue the Rams. The former Tennessee Volunteer is a versatile player that's played left tackle and left guard. In the NFL, Thomas talents translates to being a left guard, at least at the beginning of his career.

The Rams could use a player of his skill set on their roster, but does his skill set translate? Let's look at the scouting report.


  • Has a solid anchor
  • Shows the athleticism to play guard, and tackle
  • A good pass blocker
  • Quick and meets the defender at the snap
  • He can easily get to the second level
  • He's smart, I've seen him block pass the guy to another blocker and pick up a defender


  • Doesn't sustain blocks after contact when run blocking
  • Run blocking could become a strength if he had better techinque
  • He's pretty quick when pulling and does a good job of getting the main
  • Can get his butt whooped by bullrushers like the Rams own Michael Brockers

If he and his man disengage, he doesn't keep trying to block, and it almost resulted in a sack one time. There were a few times when he's around a pile but walks, instead of pushing the pile with the ball carrier. Just noticed those.

What round will Thomas be drafted?

Great question - could be in the 1st, but I can see him being available for the Rams second round pick.

How he would fit with the Rams?

Thomas would come in day 1 and be the starting left guard for this team. Could he become a left tackle? Sure, there's upside, but left guard will be a good position for him. He's a solid plug and play guy, he has a few issues that need cleaned up, mainly his run blocking. If the Rams' offensive line coach Paul Boudreau can make Barry Richardson have a solid season, then Thomas should be in good hands.

Judge for yourself