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St. Louis Rams undrafted free agent tracker: The best of the rest

It's time for the eighth round.

Kevin C. Cox

The 2013 NFL Draft is over, but the work is not done. Now, Les Snead et al move onto the business of scooping up the undrafted players.

Sometimes these guys pan out, and sometimes the don't make it past the preseason. Occasionally, good teams will find a reliable starter among the bunch or even a super star. The Rams scored punter Johnny Hekker as an undrafted free agent last year. Backup quarterback Austin Davis and safety Matt Daniels were part of last year's haul as well.

As far as what they're looking for, another safety would seem to be the top priority. More depth at linebacker would help, and it never hurts to take a flyer or two on offensive linemen. Watch for an h-back type or two to get a call from the Rams.

We'll keep track of the signings in this post.

He's tight end from Auburn.

And there's a safety.


Updated by DouglasM - Here's a list from Dan Kadar at NFL Mock Draft (formerly MtD) :

St. Louis Rams


Brett Baer, K, Lousiana Lafayette

Braden Brown, OT, BYU

Benny Cunningham, RB, Middle Tennessee State

Cody Davis, S, Texas Tech

Michael Gillard, MLB, Georgia

Philip Lutzenkirchen, TE, Auburn

Graham Pocic, OL, Illinois

Gerald Rivers, DE, Ole Miss

Philip Steward, LB, Houston

Updated List via NFL. Com

Henderson State LB Robbie Aldridge; Miami S Ray Ray Armstrong; Lousiana Lafayette K Brett Baer; BYU OT Braden Brown; Middle Tennessee State RB Benny Cunningham; Texas Tech SCody Davis; Georgia MLB Michael Gillard; Georgia DT Garrett Gilliard; Auburn TE Philip Lutzenkirchen; Ole Miss DE Gerald Rivers; Georgia LB Christian Robinson; Louisiana Tech OG Kevin Saiai; Memphis CB Robert Steeples; California FB Eric Stevens; Houston LB Philip Steward; Texas A&M CB Darren Woodard