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2013 Draft Rams Trade up to 160, Pick Zac Stacy

The Rams have drafted a RB in the 2013 NFL draft.


The Rams traded back up into the 5th round to select RB Zac Stacy from Vanderbilt University. The Rams traded both of their 6th round picks to move up to get him. They currently have no remaining picks in the draft.

We all expected the Rams to draft a running back, and they finally have. They liked Stacy enough to trade up for him, which speaks well towards his fit on the team.

Stacy had over 3,000 yards and scored 30 TDs in his college career. At 5' 9", 216 lbs, Zac Stacy is more of a power back. He is a player the Rams will look to run it up the gut with, adding a much needed piece to their RB committie.

He has good vision and patience, but he lacks foot speed, which dropped him down to the 5th round. He will come into camp and be able to compete for playing time right away.

Welcome the newest Ram, Zac Stacy.