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2013 NFL Draft, day three: TV schedule and how to watch online

The last day of the draft is upon us.


The 2013 NFL draft is now in its final day, starting with the fourth round and finally culminating with the seventh round at Radio City Music Hall in midtown Manhattan.

After getting through the first two days, most teams have filled a majority of their most pressing needs and will now go after the best player available regardless of position played. Of course, that can always lead to some surprising decisions.

The first round always draws the most headlines because the stars get to walk across the stage and meet their new boss, Roger Goodell, but Saturday can also give us some solid players.

With four rounds remaining, teams will have to figure out how to execute their strategies so they don't reach for a player by too much, and yet don't lose him by being overly patient -- a tough balance for sure.

You can also stream the show online at

The first 10 picks are slated as follows:


Time: Noon ET

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