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2013 NFL Draft: Rams select Stedman Bailey at 92

The Rams have selected their second West Virginia WR in the 2013 draft.


It was obvious that West Virgina had one of the best pairings of WRs in college football. The Rams drafted the first of that pairing 8th overall in Tavon Austin. Now they have taken the second Stedman Bailey with the 92nd pick. This is awesome. Really awesome. Looks like West Virginia is now Rams country.

Last season the Rams wanted to fix the CB position in the draft and picked two CBs early. Obviously the Rams are trying to do the same with the WR position.

Bailey is a possession WR. A good route runner with awesome hands. Like Austin, he is undersized for the position, and like Austin he has good quickness (nowhere near Austin, but still good) and he competes. He fights for the ball. He also has decent speed, and may be able to develop into a decent deep option in the NFL, but he will make his money with short yardage routes.

Welcome the newest Ram, Stedman Bailey.