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2013 NFL Draft: Rams Pick TJ McDonald at 71

The FS from USC is coming to the Lou.


The Rams have selected FS from USC, TJ McDonald with their first third round pick, 71st overall, their first pick of day 2. That sound you hear is 3k currently on a rampage of joy.

TJ McDonald was seen as a top 20 talent coming into this season, but along with every USC prospect this year, he took a dramatic fall.

He is a ball hawking style of FS. He is good in deep coverage, and is good at reading the eyes of the QB. He has decent ball skills. Where he struggles in in the run game and in man coverage. He will come in to replace Craig Dahl in the Rams lineup.

He has great range. He is also a great hitter, though his tackling technique could use work. He is an ideal robber safety for the Rams.

This leaves the Rams still needing a SS. They may resign Quintin Mikell, who played well for the Rams last season.

I'm extremely excited about this pick. TJ McDonald is a guy I'm high on. I think with some proper coaching, he can become a great safety for the Rams.

Welcome the newest Ram, TJ McDonald.