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St. Louis Rams 2013 NFL Draft results: Third-round options

The second day has been a quiet one for the Rams so far. Expect that to change.


Maybe Les Snead just wanted a breather after a wild first day of the 2013 NFL Draft. Of course he did not because he is a football machine trained in the ways of Dimitroff, but it did work out that way for the Rams who dealt their second-round pick to move up in the first round.

So what's next?

St. Louis has the ninth overall pick in the third round. They also have the 30th pick, acquired in Thursday's wild round of wheeling and dealing.

They have some options at positions of need. Of course, that will change between now and the time Snead's on the clock.

For safeties, teams took a run through them in the second, grabbing a deep class. However, with four picks left in the second round, Shamarko Thomas is still on the board. Remember, he is the only safety the Rams had a pre-draft visit with this year. Phillip Thomas, a ballhawk out of Fresno State, is still there as well.

At running back, the big name that was still out there was Eddie Lacy, but the Packers got him. Andre Ellington of Clemson, Johnathan Franklin and Christine Michael were still on the board as well. The Rams had pre-draft visits with all three of them. Marcus Lattimore is on there as well. He's reportedly on his way to being ready to play in Week 1. That might be pure hype, but if he can make a recovery to his former self, it's a great pick.