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2013 NFL Draft: St. Louis Trades with Buffalo, Picks WVU WR Tavon Austin

Jeff Fisher and Les Snead had one man in mind early in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Tavon Austin is now a St. Louis Ram.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Well, we saw this coming to a degree.

Sam Bradford needs playmakers. The wide receiver depth chart is thin. Tavon Austin fits both of those and offers more in an offense that was crying out for a replacement, if not an upgrade, to Danny Amendola.

We'll have plenty of coverage and analysis in the weeks ahead. How much of a concern is his size? Will the Rams' offense be responsive enough to his skill set? Does the transition from a Dana Holgorsen college offense (read: crazy) to a Brian Schottenheimer-coordinated NFL offense (read: not crazy) require more than Austin can handle? Did the Rams give up too much in the trade with Buffalo?

Those aren't questions we can answer tonight.

What we can answer is one simple question: Do the Rams care enough about Sam Bradford and this offense to try and make something of the 2013 NFL Draft's 1st round?

In the words of Omar, indeed.

With the 22nd pick still to come, the hard work is still ahead...both for the Rams and Austin.