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2013 NFL Draft: 1st Round Open Thread 2.0

Come and discuss the draft with the best community of Rams fans.


It's finally here. The NFL Draft is here.

No more mocks. No more studying tape. No more scouting reports. Tonight, we find out who will be our newest Rams.

So far we've seen three OTs go in the top four, and then the Dolphins shocked us by trading up to pick Dion Jordan.

There is a lot of smoke about the Rams trading up to take Tavon Austin. Will they?

This thread is going to be one of our largest of the year, so some reminders to help with loading time of comments.

Do not go overboard with pictures or GIFs. I know that these can be funny and convey messages that can't be effectively wrote out, but they also make the loading time of the page slow. Please refrain from posting mass amounts of pictures and GIFs.

Thanks to all of you for making Turf Show Times the best Rams site on the internet. Our community is our strongest feature. Thanks for being the best damn Rams fans on the internet.

The draft is here. Enjoy it and remember to#KeepCalmAndSneadOn

Let's go Rams!

(Update from 3k: 7:45pm)

I'll be hangin out with some SBN bros tonight if you wanna watch us be idiots live: