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2013 NFL Draft: Live blog

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It's kind of a busy day, so follow along with us right here.

Hey there. There's a ton of things happening, and only so much time in the day. We're going to do a little live blogging here at TST to keep you engaged. We'll still be posting, so think of this as more of an ongoing conversation from the editors ... a war room for snark and other essential draft things.

[Note by Ryan Van Bibber, 04/25/13 1:54 PM EDT ] Alright, the trade talk is reaching a fever pitch now. We talked about the possibility of trading out of No. 22, but check out this scenario posited by Jeff Darlington from the NFL Network:

Is your head spinning yet? Trading up and then trading down. It's actually sort of brilliant, if only Les Snead can find some takers.

[Note by Ryan Van Bibber, 04/25/13 2:10 PM EDT ] What's going on right now? "Flirting." That's what Snead said on the NFL Network today.

"Not sure if this year is any different than last year," Sneed said, "but really, right now, everybody's just flirting with each other. There's no dating going on here. No marriages. So, until someone asks someone to marry them -- and that will come tonight -- that's when we'll know the value of moving up or down in this draft."

At the Combine, Snead talked about the importance of guards with a metaphor about musicians, the kind that back up the rock stars. Great GM or greatest GM?

[Note by Ryan Van Bibber, 04/25/13 3:50 PM EDT ] And here is why the city needs a renovated Dome, or new one ... Lego League!



[Note by Ryan Van Bibber, 04/25/13 5:29 PM EDT ] And here we go ...

The Rams and the Jets did swing a deal last year ... to get rid of Jason Smith.

[Note by Ryan Van Bibber, 04/25/13 5:59 PM EDT ] WHY HASN'T THIS THING STARTED YET!

FWIW, everybody and their brother has confirmed the Chiefs will pick Central Michigan OT Eric Fisher. It's a solid pick. I would've gone with Luke Joeckel. I think Fisher's got plenty of skill, but it's hard for me to ignore Joeckel's resume in college.