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2013 NFL Draft: Rams in West Virginia to Work Out WRs Austin, Bailey

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The Rams navigated the burning couches surrounding West Virginia University to work out speedy wide receivers Tavon Austin and Steadman Bailey.

With the news that the Rams recently worked out South Carolina WR Ace Sanders, certain Rams fans voiced concern that it suggested the Rams might be targeting picks after the 1st round to use to fill out their WR position depth chart.

Breathe easy, friends.

The Rams are doing their due diligence on a host of wide receivers:

Austin's stock has risen to the point that it's conceivable that he's gone well before the Rams are set to pick at 16. Bailey's in play on day two in my estimation, so you're looking at two of the higher regarded, albeit small, prospects in the draft. Of course the other tie? Morgantown, West Virginia.

Both played under Dana Holgorsen, aka Dana Horsewomen, a master of offensive gobbledygook that poops out stats on the regular. Wes Welker? Danny Amendola? Michael Crabtree? Justin Blackmon? All WRs who have endured the alcohol and wispy hair-fueled tutelage of Horsewomen before joining the NFL. That bodes well, no?

But of course if you're mentioning WVU football, you must stay on the lookout for couches aflame. When your student government is imploring you not to burn're West Virginia.