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MtD - TST Pre-Mock Draft "LIVE" Trade Session

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

The GMs for the MtD Mock Draft this weekend asked me for a open thread so they can make trades. In the light of day, it could be interesting to see what some are thinking. Some of the GMs - who like to keep their trade thoughts secret - will be watching from their interwebs hiding places, gathering intel on potential trading partners for draft day.

The teams to watch are those with multiple "high round" picks. We've already seen a move by Houston to move out of the first round. Miami traded picks: #42, #82, #224 to Houston for their #27 and #195. Houston also traded the 7th (#224) round pick to Philadelphia for Derek Carrier.

I hope TSTers who drop in will reserve their comments until after a trade is made. Feel free to offer ideas to those who show up, since this thread is not a mandatory draft function.

GMs and Assistant GMs - Please check in so I can make sure you're on the valid list for making moves.