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2013 NFL Draft: Turf Show Times running back big board

The Rams will be one of of a handful of teams in the market for an additional running back on draft day.

Butch Dill

It's hard to gauge exactly how the Rams view this year's crop of running backs. The class of 2013 lacks a leading standout, aside from the currently injured Marcus Lattimore, but the class makes up for it's lack of elite talent with depth and versatility. No matter what kind of running back you are looking for, it can be found in this year's draft - feature backs, one-cut backs, zone blocking scheme backs, 3rd down backs, and more. Everyone seems to view this class differently, so myself and some of the other TST crew members sat down and hammered out our big board once and for all.

The big board below consists of players that were selected as a part of top ten lists created by a six writer panel at Turf Show Times. Being ranked by a writer as first was worth ten points, ranked as second was worth nine points, and so on. Ultimately, we finished with a board of 17 players. Below are the players ranked in order.

1. Eddie Lacy, Alabama - 53

2. Giovani Bernard, North Carolina - 42

3. Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina - 30

4. Andre Ellington, Clemson - 29

5. Montee Ball, Wisconsin - 28

6. Christine Micheal, Texas A & M - 26

7. Jonathan Franklin, UCLA - 25

8. Le’Veon Bell, Michigan State – 24

9. Stepfan Taylor, Stanford -18

10. Joesph Randle, Oklahoma State -13

11. Knile Davis, Arkansas - 10

12. Zac Stacey, Vanderbilt - 7

13. Mike Gillislee, Florida – 4 (T)

14. Dennis Johnson, Arkansas – 4 (T)

15. Kenjon Barner, Oregon - 3

16. Zach Line, Southern Methodist – 1 (T)

17. Spencer Ware, LSU -1 (T)

You can see how each of our writers ranked these players at the bottom of the page. Each writer had their own standouts and specific convictions. A few things that stood out were....

  • Spencer Ware, Zac Stacey, Zach Line, Kenjon Barner, and Dennis Johnson only appeared once on a writers board throughout the whole survey.
  • The players with some of the greatest disparity among writers included Marcus Lattimore, Giovani Bernard, and Montee Ball. I had Marcus Lattimore first, but most of the other writers dropped him down (due to his injury history). Giovani Bernard was very highly ranked by several writers, but was ranked very low by a few others. He did not even appear on my board at all. Finally, hometown back Montee Ball was all over everyone's board. Ball made it all the way up to #3 on one board, and all the way down to #9 on another.
  • Four different backs appeared at the #1 spot for our six writers.
  • If the Rams are looking for a big powerful back, our writers seem to have ranked Eddie Lacy, Le'Veon Bell, and Stepfan Taylor as a few of the top choices.
  • If the Rams are looking for a smaller outside runner, our writers seem to have ranked Giovani Bernard, Andre Ellington, and Jonathan Franklin as a few of the prospects.
  • As far as feature backs are concerned, our writers agreed that Marcus Lattimore, Christine Micheal, and Montee Ball may make good choices (although in what round is certainly up for debate).
Ranking Tyler Bishop Douglas M Eric Nagel Tevin Broner Brandon Birkhead Ryan Van Bibber
1 Marcus Lattimore Le'Veon Bell Giovani Bernard Eddie Lacy Giovani Bernard Giovani Bernard
2 Eddie Lacy Giovani Bernard Eddie Lacy Joesph Randle Christine Micheal Eddie Lacy
3 Montee Ball Eddie Lacy Jonathan Franklin Andre Ellington Eddie Lacy Andre Ellington
4 Zac Stacey Montee Ball Andre Ellington Montee Ball Jonathan Franklin Jonathan Franklin
5 Christine Micheal Marcus Lattimore Knile Davis Giovani Bernard Marcus Lattimore Le'Veon Bell
6 Stepfan Taylor Joesph Randle Marcus Lattimore Dennis Johnson Stepfan Taylor Christine Micheal
7 Andre Ellington Stepfan Taylor Christine Micheal Jonathan Franklin Andre Ellington Marcus Lattimore
8 Mike Gillislee Kenjon Barner Stepfan Taylor Christin Micheal Montee Ball Montee Ball
9 Le'Veon Bell Knile Davis Montee Ball Marcus Lattimore Mike Gillislee Knile Davis
10 Spencer Ware Zach Line Mike Gillislee Stepfan Taylor Knile Davis
Stepfan Taylor