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TST Scouting Report: Quinton Patton

The Rams will add a wide receiver to the roster. That's a given, but could the Rams add another small school player to their thin wide receiver ranks? It could happen. Just in case, Tevin and Eric took a look at Louisiana Tech wideout Quinton Patton.

One handing this thing baby.
One handing this thing baby.
Bob Levey

Let's make a long story short -- the Rams are either interested in Quinton Patton, or they just wanted to take their staff on a field trip. Something tells me that you don't just take your whole draft on a field trip during the last key days before the NFL Draft arrives.

The former Louisiana Tech star wide receiver, has gotten popular over the last couple of months. It's been speculated that he could go anywhere from late first rounder, to early third rounder.

So with the Rams sudden interest in Patton, it seems like it's as bout a good time as any to write a scouting report on him.

I love this video

Scouting Report


A good route runner

Does a good job of adjusting his body with the ball in the air

Smart (knows when to use the sideline)

He finds ways to make big plays

A good run blocker

One of those S-W-A-G guys

Made a majority of his catches on the outside

Has a better route tree than most

Great vision with the ball in his hands

Good at using juke moves during route running and when he has the ball in his hands

No big weakness in his game

Looks like a veteran playing, he's almost mastered the subtle push on a defender when the ball is in the air.

He's a leader


He didn't look fast on film.

He might not create much separation in the pros.

Doesn't make the wow catches

Number 2 type receiver

When should the Rams draft him?

He's a jack of all trades, that doesn't do anything great.

Can he be more than a possession guy?

He doesn't have a really fast first gear, but his second gear is good, which helps him on deeper passes.

TST's own Eric Nagel weighed in on him

For me, I'm not sold on drafting Patton. By all accounts he is an impressive prospect- he has the makings of a good possession receiver given his reliable hands and overall shiftiness. However, when watching him, I'm not impressed with his overall speed or explosion. There isn't any doubt that he's quick (and to some extent fast- but not burner fast) but he just doesn't have 'it'. He'll make the first man miss, but doesn't have the top gear to turn that extra five yards into an extra fifty. He's an aggressive blocker even though he is quite lean, and seems to be a pretty stand-up individual.

I have a feeling Patton could be good, but not great. Quick, but not explosive. There are a lot of positives to his game and he's pretty polished, but you don't see any attributes that wow you. Of course, that isn't a bad thing at all, but I feel as though he's not the game changing player-maker the Rams need on offense. They have enough role players already and I don't think Patton would be the best fit for the team.

When should he be drafted?

If it was me, 3rd round. But he's a starting caliber player. that should be a plug and play, so he will be a 2nd rounder most likely.

How would he fit with the Rams? He would be a piece to the puzzle. He's received a lot of comparisons to Brandon Lloyd. But he looks closer to Brandon Gibson to me. But I think he can have a career like Greg Jennings. He doesn't have the skill set that tells you he would be a number one receiver, but can he come in and be a starter? Yes, he doesn't seem like a slot receiver to me like I've been hearing, he seems like an outside receiver, but in the slot he would remind me of Danny Amendola, and that's a good thing.

If the Rams draft Patton he would be productive, and a player that Sam Bradford would connect with faster than he and Brian Quick did, and maybe even faster than him and Chris Givens connected. The Rams could do a lot worse than Patton, but It's easy to see why they value him.

Make your own decision

Quinton Patton vs Rice (2012) (via Aaron Aloysius)

Quinton Patton vs Utah State 2012 (via xuesac84)

Quinton Patton vs Texas A&M (2012) (via Aaron Aloysius)

Quinton Patton vs Illinois (2012) (via Aaron Aloysius)