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Anquan Boldin cut by Baltimore, can he fit in St. Louis?

Baltimore released WR Anquan Boldin after he refused to take a pay cut. Can he fill the need for a veteran presence in the Rams receiver corps?

Donald Miralle

So goes the life in the NFL. Just last month, Anquan Boldin was on top of the football world. The Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. Boldin played an integral role in that game too – making six catches for 104 yards and a touchdown.

Fast forward to today, and Boldin finds himself looking for a new team. After refusing to take a pay cut – he's set to make $6 million this upcoming season – the Ravens released the 32 year-old receiver. His stat-line for the year was 65 receptions, 921 yards, along with four TD's

The St. Louis Rams can certainly use Anquan's services. Going into next year, only 2012 draftees Chris Givens, Brian Quick, and third-year player Austin Pettis are on the roster. Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson are scheduled to hit free agency.

Interest in Boldin can arise if the team struggles to keep Amendola. Danny plays the slot. Anquan can also work the slot, the only difference being size (Danny is listed 5'11, 188. Boldin's at 6'1, 220). Anquan also presents a more healthier option to Amendola.

Anquan can immediately come in and be the veteran presence in the young receiving core. Not only that, he can give Sam Bradford a reliable receiver to work the middle of the field and gain yards after the catch.

Giving Boldin a one or two-year contract seems fine with me. Anquan can come in and mentor the young guys on the team, and can possibly tutor Quick on becoming the tough and physical receiver the Rams envision he can be.

What do you guys think? Should the Rams express interest in Anquan?