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NFL Free Agency: Legal Tampering Starts Tonight

The NFL is trying something new tonight. Get ready for the official, unofficial, start to free agency.


Free Agency starts tonight at 11 p.m. (St. Louis time), well kinda. For the first time ever, the NFL is letting teams negotiate with players, before the season starts. Obviously, the NFL likes to keep us fans entertained, and they must be tired of hearing that a team tampered with a player. This is an interesting period that the NFL has started this season, just think about the rumors that will start tonight.

Granted the teams can't really talk to players, unless it's their current team (like Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson, with the Rams) but if it's a player who didn't play for the team, that team will have to speak with their agents. How will this work? here's an example.

This period only applies to unrestricted free agents, not restricted free agents like Victor Cruz. Players can't be signed until Tuesday, when free agency begins, at 3 P.M., which is also when the tampering period ends. Although players can't sign on the dotted line, the two parties can come to an agreement, and set the parameters of a deal.

Eric Nagel has been writing about free agent options for the Rams. Tight ends, linebackers, defensive line, wide receivers, offensive line, safeties, cornerbacks, he doesn't have running backs up yet.

So who would you like the Rams to sign in free agency? Will any current Rams return? Tell us what you think.