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Recap of Brandon Gibson's Every Target Video

It's not looking like the Rams will re-sign Brandon Gibson, but should they? Well there's a video of every Gibson's target last season and after watching it, it's easy to figure out why teams are looking at Gibson.


This is the most popular that Brandon Gibson has been since he made that catch against the Miami Dolphins. If you go on Twitter, it seems like a lot of fans on other teams would like to bring Gibson as a number 2, while a majority of Ram fans just want him to hightail it out of St. Louis.

Well on Wednesday, it turned out that fans aren't the only people who want Brandon Gibson to wear their teams jersey. The Buffalo Bills star wide receiver Stevie Johnson, has been trying to recruit Gibson to his team, granted if you're a free agent Johnson is probably sending you an email also.

I done tried to get a few guys," Johnson said. "I talked to my boy Brandon Gibson, who is in St. Louis. He's a stud. And Dashon Goldson, I talk to him a lot.

Then there were confirmation that other AFC East teams were looking at Gibson also.

In the wake of all of this, a man who goes by the name of X on twitter (here's his twitter handle), who also runs Rams on Demand, decided to upload every Brandon Gibson target last season. A video that is longer than 28 minutes and features more than 75+ targets.

I asked X, his opinion on Gibson.

It took Troy Brown 8 years to become an asset, and he ended up being irreplaceable. Gibson is every bit as good - if not better

It's a good video, that covers the good and bad of Gibson, but for those who don't want to watch 28 minutes of Gibson, well that's why you have me.

Tweets from the TST team about the video.

Then we have TST's good friend Tyler

Here are my notes on Gibson's video:

  • He runs routes better than expected
  • I counted around 5-8 drops
  • For every drop he made a great catch.
  • He doesn't get much separation, but he does a great job on curls and comebacks
  • Sam Bradford threw it to him a lot on 3rd and 4th downs, most of the time he needed around 7 yards
  • He dropped 3-4 4th downs, 2-3 were on slants
  • He was good at adjusting to poorly thrown balls.

Honestly, I said it before, he's a solid number 2, or a starting outside receiver. Teams could do worse than signing Brandon Gibson. It will be interesting to see what the Rams add to replace him if he's not re-signed.