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2013 Free Agent Breakdown: Wide Receivers

The Rams have a barren wasteland at the wide receiver position (in terms of production). They have three players on the roster, and they need to add some serious depth and talent.

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Jed Jacobsohn

Danny Amendola, Rams

We all know what Danny Amendola is capable of on the field. The only problem is that we don't know how often he can stay on the field. It's that single fact that makes it so hard to pinpoint just how much he is worth, especially for the Rams.

He has a good rapport with Bradford (they're practically best friends) and knows the system. It's going to be close, but the Rams should have a shot at bringing him back if they decide to go that route in two weeks.

(524 Snaps Played) REC YARDS AVG LNG TD
2012 Regular Season 63 666 10.6 56 3

PFF Grade: +13.0

Domenik Hixon, Giants

Hixon was excellent in a situational role for the Giants last year. With a large stable of receivers and the looming free agency (this year or next) of Victor Cruz, they might be inclined to let Hixon go to help develop some of their other, younger players.

Still, a less crowded receiving team might do Hixon some good. He's certainly a viable, somewhat inexpensive option for a team that needs more depth, period.

(524 Snaps Played) REC YARDS AVG LNG TD
2012 Regular Season 39

PFF Grade: +8.2

Devin Aromashodu, Vikings

Aromashadu would be a perfect depth player for the Rams to add. He's a solid special teams player, contributes well in blocking and has reliable hands. He's bounced around for a lot of different teams, but has never made that big of an impact.

He'd be a good fit for the Rams depth-wise, adding some veteran experience at a low cost.

(344 Snaps Played) REC YARDS AVG LNG TD
2012 Regular Season 11

PFF Grade: +3.0

Brandon Tate, Bengals

If you're unsure of any receiver not named AJ Green on the Bengals, I forgive you. Tate is a decent return man, capable of moving the ball upfield due to his vision and speed. As a receiver, he's got the physical traits you look for, but hasn't been able to put it together.

He'd strictly be a depth guy, but when you're looking for small contracts, you could do worse.

(277 Snaps Played) REC YARDS AVG LNG TD
2012 Regular Season 13

PFF Grade: +0.1

Braylon Edwards, Jets

Oh, Braylon Edwards. If he could have only learned how to catch the ball, he'd be so much better. Still, he'd likely come at a reduced rate due to his age, but he knows the system, has plenty of experience and could fill in during a pinch at any point.

He might be one of those players the Rams look at just because of his familiarity with Schotty's offense.

(524 Snaps Played) REC YARDS AVG LNG TD
2012 Regular Season 18

PFF Grade: +0.4