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2013 Free Agents: Eric Winston Released by Chiefs

The Rams went after Winston last year at this time, could they be in the mix again?


The Rams need offensive line help. It's pretty apparent, given that they've cut Wayne Hunter and Barry Richardson is a free agent. There have been reports that the Rams might be willing to make a splash in free agency, but perhaps they'll do it with a player they wanted in the past? Enter Eric Winston, the former Kansas City right tackle who was released tonight.

Winston was pretty well liked over at Arrowhead Pride, our sister Chiefs site, and the move was a definite question mark. Winston is one of the better right tackles in the league and the Chiefs saved 3.5 million dollars by cutting him. Whenever a new coaching staff comes in, obviously they are going to look for their own players. This is no exception.

As with any player who is cut, they are able to sign a contract immediately. Perhaps the savings the Rams gained from cutting Wayne Hunter could be used to add a new tackle? For reference, Winston signed a four year, 22 million dollar deal last year, and that price is well within the Rams reach.

Maybe the second time is the charm in this case. Just don't let those pesky Sam Bradford haters near Winston if Bradford gets injured.