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Former Titan VInce Young Sends Apology Letter to Jeff Fisher

Jonathan Ferrey

Being able to admit your own faults is a sign of the maturation process, and it just might seem like the shunned quarterback Vince Young is on the road to betterment.

On Wednesday's episode NFL Network's NFL AM, Young – the Tennessee Titans' first round pick back in 2006 – revealed that he sent his former coach Jeff Fisher (now with the St. Louis Rams) a letter of apology.

Young said he wrote the letter to say he's sorry for his immature behavior during his time with the Titans. Young also took the opportunity to thank Fisher:

[I] wanted him to know I really did appreciate him trying to make me become one of those type of leaders on the team and a successful quarterback.

It's no secret that Young has issues. I mean, the guy took out a $300k loan to throw himself a birthday party. He's working out in front of the scouts on Texas' pro day on March 26, so he's now trying to prove he's grown as a person.

Young says he can make it in the league. Hell, he says he's better than "most quarterbacks in the league," but what player wouldn't.

If he indeed is given another shot in the league, it'll most likely come as a backup. The Rams are ready to go into the season with Austin Davis as the No. 2 QB, but I wouldn't be against Young as a third-stringer. Young is agile and has the ability to make plays with his legs, something the Rams do not have at the quarterback position. He could be somewhat of a "Tim Tebow" for the offense and run a wildcat option, which we know offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer has ran before. Another plus is that he'll be a cheap option after sitting out the entire 2012 season.

What do you think? Should Fisher throw a bone to his former QB and give him a shot?