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2013 Free Agent Breakdown: Offensive Line

The Rams offensive line is in need of some fresh faces. Jeff Fisher isn't known for going after the big guys on offense that early in the draft, but that doesn't mean they won't be looking for help in March.

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Garrett Reynolds, Falcons

Reynolds went down with an injury last year, but he was playing pretty well at right guard before he was placed on the injured reserve. Reynolds has improved vastly since entering the league and has the versatility of being able to play right tackle or right guard.

His best position, at least so far, is at guard, where he started a handful of games for the Falcons last year. Still, Fisher likes versatility in his lineman and the Rams did quite a lot with the small-move-players they added last year. Reynolds could be an option if they are looking to inject some youth or save some money.

PFF Grade: +1.1

Matt Slauson, Jets

Slauson has the coach connection down after working with Brian Schottenheimer for a few years. Slauson is an above average lineman that is pretty efficient in every area of his game. He's not going to blow you away with impressive blocking, but he's not going to be the weakest link in your offensive line.

He fits well, filling a need at left guard, should the Rams decide to pursue that hole in free agency instead of the draft. Like Reynolds, he's a decent, young guard who could stand to improve his game.

PFF Grade: +2.4

Chad Rinehart, Bills

Rinehart has been a backup player for the Bills, behind Andy Levitre. Most of you probably know the latter name, as Levitre is one of the premier offensive lineman in free agency. However, Rinehart is the one who gets the nod here, because he could easily be a starter on another team (perhaps, the Rams?) and he would come as a much, much cheaper option.

He's been a steady performer when on the field and is powerful as a run blocker. The Rams could stand to gain from taking a look at the other, other Bills free agent.

PFF Grade: +3.5

Barry Richardson, Rams

I know, this isn't something you are looking forward to. Richardson was pretty 'meh' last year, but he also, at times, was good. Considering he was an absolute turnstile in 2011, there may be hope that he can become a serviceable right tackle, or even a backup should the Rams add someone else in the draft.

With Wayne Hunter most likely a cap casualty, the Rams could add Richardson back merely from a cheap, depth perspective, regardless of their draft plans.

PFF Grade: +2.1

Sam Baker, Falcons

Baker is by far the most expensive option on this list. As a left tackle, that's just kind of how it works. Baker was a revelation in 2012 after winning back the starting spot on the blind side. He's much better in pass protection, but he is good as a run blocker as well.

Of course, given Will Beatty's monstrous new contract, Baker might be too expensive for the Rams. Still, he played well enough in 2012 to make you wonder if it's worth it, anyway.

PFF Grade: +11.6