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Random Ramsdom 3/4: A Week Till Free Agency

Get this guy off of the street, and back into a St. Louis Rams uniform.


Welcome to March, Rams fans! The NFL offseason is officially upon us and the festivities begin in just over one week.

First things first: get Steven Jackson and Danny Amendola back in horns. Unfortunately, such a proposition would entail player cuts, contract restructuring, millions of dollars and a whole bunch of headaches. Isn't this fun?

Once that minor speed bump has been passed, the Rams can fully turn their attention toward filling their other needs in free agency, attending countless pro days and readjusting their draft board time and again.

Did I mention that there are only 52 more days until the 2013 NFL Draft? Trust me - you'll make it.

In the meantime, have at some links...

Rams offseason report from Yahoo! - What went wrong and what went right or St. Louis in 2012? For the first time in years, the scales on that subject tilted significantly toward the latter, more favorable question. How will the Rams' hefty cap situation affect their aggressiveness in free agency? Although all currently have been signed for less than a year, Cortland Finnegan, James Laurinaitis and Chris Long could be candidates for restructuring their contracts.

Macroeconomics with the Rams and 49ers - This past week, 49ers' and Rams' chief operating officers (COO) Paraag Marathe and Kevin Demoff where in attendance at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. There they discussed and/or skillfully evaded particular matters of their day-to-day work life and their respective teams going forward. One dilemma which Demoff has yet been able to fully rectify is the Rams' roller coaster-like cap situation caused by years of high draft picks before the new collective bargaining agreement.

Three E's stand out at tight end - Not so long ago, fans of the St. Louis Rams dreaded the idea of drafting another tight end early. Now, as the position has evolved into one of the more enticing and exciting in the league, pairing another big, skilled ball catcher alongside third-year Lance Kendricks may not be a bad idea. Tyler Eifert, Zach Ertz and Gavin Escobar have garnered the respect of NFL Draft guru Mike Mayock and could all be in play for the Rams.

Trading down scenarios are back - Although not quite as valuable as a second overall pick and a franchise quarterback, the Rams boast a wealth of draft picks in the next two drafts. Also, contrary to many's beliefs, the Rams may not be as far away from contention as previously thought. Trading back several spots could allow the team to also land some top-tier talent while adding more chances later.

Ahmad Bradshaw in horns? - With Steven Jackson's future in limbo, the Rams suddenly find themselves not only without a veteran presence at running back, but without power back between the tackles as well. Enter another downhill, perhaps over the hill runner - Ahmad Bradshaw. Bradshaw's recent injury history makes him a risk, but could be had for the right price.

Goodell appreciated by who matters most - Since becoming commissioner of the NFL in 2006, Roger Goodell's popularity with players and fans has continued to plummet year-to-year. However, his employers - the 32 team owners - believe he has done a tremendous job. In fact, Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, thinks "we really lucked out" we Goodell took over.

Jarvis Jones downplays disorder - Georgia standout linebacker Jarvis Jones, a victim of spinal stenosis, has seen his draft stock plummet as a result of his disorder since declaring for the NFL Draft. His affliction, which causes a narrowing of the spinal-cord, makes him more susceptible to serious, football-related injury, thus causing some scouts to completely shy away from the impressive prospect. Jones, on the other hand, feels the matter has been blown out of proportion.

Steven Jackson - now technically a free agent after voiding the final year of his contract - has the St. Louis Rams receiving some airtime. Will he be back in horns and what else does the team have in store this offseason?

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