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It's Game Time at Mocking the Draft - Who Should the Rams Pick at #16 and #22?


In the lead up to the enormous seven round with trades LIVE Mock Draft in April, MtD is hosting a live two rounder today. Fear not though, because I, that's to say ME, will be there to make Rams mock draft history! DBcouver, RamsintheUK, Josh Wehrle will be there, and 1313 may drop in too. But they may not make it in time for the kick off of the draft, so I was wondering... Who should I pick?

It's not that I lack any kind of college prospect knowledge or anything, but I'm aware a few may think so after my Mock Draft last week? First of all, Eric did it. He's evil. Second, I think there may be some prevailing wisdom I may have missed. So here's your chance to voice your opinions.

Give me your pick at #16 and #22, and let's see if it matches mine. I won't tell you what I'm thinking, but let's just say one of my picks name rhymes with "obson"...