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The St. Louis Rams Are Bringing In The Locals

You can never have enough hometown talent. So it makes sense that the Rams will be interested in college players from Missouri. Which players were they? Well let's take a look.

Just chilling, you know how we do.
Just chilling, you know how we do.

With the NFL Draft quickly approaching at the end of the month teams are bringing in players for visits. After spending countless hours watching all the tapes of the prospects that you're interested in, and watching them during the combine, and even going to a prospects pro day, the best way to get to know a person is talk to them face-to-face.

That's why it's not a shock that, according to Jim Thomas (beat writer for the Post Dispatch), mentions that the Rams hosted two local college prospects, and another prospect will be visiting on Monday.

Here's a little more on these three prospects.

T.J. Moe wasn't as decoded as a receiver as I thought he would be. Last season Moe only had 399 yards, on 40 receptions. Honestly, I've caught a couple of Missouri Mizzou games, and I'll just say that their whole offense was unimpressive, so I won't put it all on him. He will most likely end up undrafted or drafted in the 7th round. He projects as a slot receiver in the NFL.

Now let's take a look at David Bass, from Missouri Western, who is also player that I brought up during the week of the Shrine game. Let's get the most important information out of the way. He is the former teammate of current Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein. I guess I can also note that he had 40 sacks in his career and 11.5 sacks his senior season. He would be a good depth player, with potential, how can you not love that?

And then there's a player that I know nothing about, Brandon Williams from Missouri Southern. But you can never have enough depth players on the roster. The Rams also need another defensive tackle to help sub with William Hayes and when the starters get tired.

Teams bring in loads of players for a visit every year.

They are doing their due diligence, but these prospects could bring depth to the Rams roster and that's all that they can hope for in the later rounds in the draft.