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Rams, Rodger Saffold haven't spoken

Head coach Jeff Fisher and the team's incumbent left tackle have not connected.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams unveiled Jake Long, the team's new left tackle, on Thursday. After the press conference, head coach Jeff Fisher took a few questions from the media, including one about the team's other offensive tackle, Rodger Saffold.

According to Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch, Fisher and Saffold have not spoken since the team signed Long.

That's notable because of the rumblings from Saffold's camp during the team's pursuit and capture of the free agent tackle. Saffold, or his agent, were reportedly upset about the team signing Long and bumping Saffold over to the right side. There were reports that he would demand a trade, but Saffold's agent pushed back on it.

Probably because Saffold just doesn't have much leverage to seek a trade, which is also why Fisher can be fairly confident that things will workout with Saffold this season. He can show up, practice and play the games then go seeking a better deal in free agency, where he can advertise his services as both a right and left tackle.

We'll see what happens with the Saffold situation. Like Fisher, I tend to believe that nothing will happen this year.