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Jake Long will wear No. 77 with the Rams

The Rams' new left tackle has a shirt to go with his contract.


Jake Long has a new team, a new contract and a healthy new lease on his NFL playing career with the St. Louis Rams. He does not have a new jersey number. Long will wear the same old No. 77 that he had for the last five years in Miami. The Rams tweeted out a photo of his new shirt on Thursday afternoon.

Fortunately for the easily confused fan, the other Long on the team, Chris, will hang onto his No. 91, which used to be No. 72 until he changed it ahead of last season. Also helping is that one Long plays offense, the new one, and another Long, the old one, plays defense.

Listen to us, new and old. Both guys were born in 1985. In fact, Thursday, March 28 is Chris Long's birthday, so be sure to wish him a happy birthday.

Now, if the Rams draft Oregon offensive lineman Kyle Long ... well, we're going to have to start using initials on the jerseys to keep all the Long boys straight.