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2013 NFL Draft: How serious are the Rams about Eddie Lacy?

Could the Rams be targeting the Alabama running back in the first round?

Dave Martin

Exactly what the St. Louis Rams do with their two first-round picks is anyone's guess. I suspect we'll know something in April, on a Thursday night later in the month. For now, you better get used to the idea of the team being linked to Alabama running back Eddie Lacy as a possibility for one of those picks. The idea is picking up steam.

Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch noted in his Tuesday chat the Rams like Lacy. It's probably not a new development inside the walls of Rams Park. As someone else said recently, this is that time of year when the media and everyone else just starts catching up on what teams are thinking about players.

It's okay if you're confused. Public assurances that Isaiah Pead could be a three-down back are still out there. Jeff Fisher is also on the record saying that the team would like to have a bigger back to replace Steven Jackson. So which is it?

During his days with the Titans, Fisher's team took both approaches. There was Eddie George and Chris Johnson. The later a smaller, faster guy that was probably never meant to carry the ball 25 times per game. Scottenheimer's offense leaned heavily on Ladainian Tomlinson, who was, like Jackson, a special talent. Neither coach would be willing to minimize the running game.

The Rams have had interest in a premier rookie back before. Last year, the team had Trent Richardson on the draft board, which would have obviously changed the course of things in 2012. Lacy is likely a first-round pick, which means the Rams would be committed to giving him a significant workload. Would it be something like 50-50 or more like 75-25?

Lacy carries a bit of a medical red flag. Injuries limited him some in college, and he was not healthy enough to run at Alabama's pro day earlier this month.

We'll know soon enough just how highly the Rams think of Lacy. Whatever you might think of this team using a first-round pick on a running back, you probably should at least start making peace with the idea.

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