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Random Ramsdom: In with the new!

April is almost here which means that we are almost into "draft month".

JD Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

This time of year every team does their spring cleaning and then goes shopping. The shopping is almost done, and teams will soon focus all of their energy on the 2013 NFL draft. Good teams know that the draft is the key to team-building, and you will be hard-pressed to find a team that understands that better than the Rams - or at least they should, right? The draft has crippled the Rams organization in the past, could it be the key to their rise to fame and fortune once again? Les Snead and Jeff Fisher have done a great job acquiring talent and depth so far. In year two, fans should expect their vision for the team to be fully revealed.

How good was Danny Amendola?

This writer owns a custom Danny Amendola jersey and was very sad to see him go, but as stated above the vision for this team is larger than one or two players. Danny Amendola may not have been able to contribute in the way that many of us hoped that he would. Ultimately, it may be better that he is gone.

Marcus Lattimore worth the risk?

Marcus Lattimore is arguably the most genetically gifted running back in this years class. Unfortunately, he has been injury-ridden as of late. He is the definition of a risky pick. Can the Rams afford the gamble any of their picks on a player like this. Is the pay-off worth spending resources that could be used to fill other spots? He certainly possesses a skill set that only a handful of other human beings do.

Speaking of Lattimore, this new mock-draft has him going to the Rams - see where they have him...

I actually really like this mock draft. It contains players that I think fit the Rams team. However, the draft always seems to be a surprise to many - which is why it is so difficult to predict.

Rams need a linebacker, Sio Moore plays linebacker

Sio Moore posses a lot of unique traits that make a very unique prospect. His speed and aggressiveness could help fill the role of strongside linebacker the Rams are searching for. Rams fans, any interest in Sio Moore?

Menelik Watson a real option for Rams

Everyone seems to be enamored with Menelik Watson's potential. Unfortunately, he is still fairly raw, and doesn't have a lot of experience. As a prospect he is a great fit for the Rams. The Rams badly need a long-term solution at right tackle, and Watson's ability and technique can be polished by the Rams "hog-whisperer", Paul Budreau. The only difficult part is determining where the Rams could select him. I don't know if the Rams would select him in the first, and don't know if he would last until the Rams pick in the second.

Stay classy Rams fans.